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Sunset at the Beach - Kenberma Beach, Hull, MA

Updated: Sep 18, 2018

Meet the Popp Family! They were the winners of one of my Giveaways & chose to use their 1 hour session for a shoot on the beach close to home for them. They wanted a lifestyle feel, asked if they could dress casual - in their day to day outfits, and bring beach toys. My answer: OF COURSE! When mom suggested this, I was immediately in love with the idea.

Your photos should represent you. I firmly believe this type of shoot is the best way to do that. When you look back years from now, your photos will accurately represent your family in this period of your life. Lifestyle shoots are an amazing opportunity to capture this feeling.

Jenn told me it is the norm for them to head down to this beach at night or even early mornings and hang out as a family by the water. They chose a location for their shoot that represents something close to their hearts. Somewhere so many family memories are made.

When choosing a location for your shoots, I highly recommend doing the same! What locations are important to you? Where do you and your family spend time that you would love to capture in a photo? PS. When deciding on locations, this is one of this first questions I ask!

Check out the photos from their lifestyle shoot below! We had an absolute blast!

Blowing bubbles on the beach & Daisy's first time being tossed up in the air - she LOVED it! Full of giggles & smiles.

Finding rocks to skip!

Big sister Elle had the entire family flossing. Even little sister Daisy got in on it!

Chris told us the sandbar was close & he wanted to head out to explore it. We were up for that, so gave it a shot. But we completely underestimated it's distance. This resulted in everyone being quite wet & lots of laughs. Worth it. Families who are down to jump in the water and do things spur of the moment like this are my favorite! I am always up for an adventure.

Elle spinning in the Sand!

Daisy waving "bye bye!" to me at the end of our shoot!

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If you are interested in learning more about this location check out:

Kenberma Beach, Hull, MA (Near Nantasket Beach)

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