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Mommy & Me Session: Jess & Lilly - Rexhame Beach, Marshfield, MA

Jess and her daughter Lilly signed up for one of my recent Beach Mini sessions. They wanted a Mommy & Me shoot, just for the two them! I adore Mommy & Me sessions. These are a great opportunity to get Mom behind the camera with her kids! Let's be serious - often it is mom snapping away with the cell phone camera, only lucky enough to maybe get in a few selfies. Am I right?

That is where these sessions are so perfect! It is just for Mom & the kids. No special reason required. (No, you do not have to wait for holiday cards to do a family shoot!) YOU are special Moms. As is the bond you have with your children! - so book yourself this type of shoot. You deserve it!

Jess told me this shoot was something she wanted for her birthday and that makes my heart melt. Capturing your memories is everything. This is the best birthday gift ever - a night out, one on one, with your daughter at the beach to play and have fun. Meanwhile, I am there capturing it all for you to have in photos for a lifetime. SO sweet. Plus - wait until you see there matching Mommy & Me dresses AND bracelets she got for them! The cutest.

Matching Mommy & Me bracelets. Lilly's heart fits inside of Mom's!

Scooping Lilly up from the big waves!

Every time I have seen Lilly, she has had in this gorgeous long braid. Mom told me it is her key hairstyle at this age. I love to capture those little details - like your daughter's beautiful hair. This age is such a precious time and therefore one of my favorites to shoot because kids are growing and changing fast. They are only little for so long, and I know you will look back some day and remember how there was a time when they actually let you do their hair?! (or maybe not haha!) But, those soft little girl curls and wispy pieces are the sweetest.

End of the shoot fun!

When our session was over and we were heading back to the cars, Jess brought Lilly down to the ocean to wave goodbye to it. On the way back to the cars, Lilly told Jess & I "I wish the ocean had a face." It took us a minute, but I asked "so you could talk to it to say goodbye?" and she immediately agreed. Lilly is my kind of girl: a beach and ocean lover who just gets it :)

PS. I told her maybe the waves are the ocean waving at us.. I fully support that idea. Who's with me?!

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