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Mommy & Me: Ashley & Brice - Rexhame Beach, Marshfield, MA

Ashley signed up for one of my beach mini sessions at Rexhame Beach this summer. When she reached out to me, she initially inquired to do the shoot for just her son Brice. We chatted for a bit & ended up deciding that we would switch it up & do the mini session mostly geared towards Brice, but she too was going to hop in some as well. A child focused session with a twist of a Mommy & Me.

When we arrived at the beach, Ashley told me that they had not had Brice's photos professionally taken since he was around a year old! SO they were very excited for this shoot! As I tell every client - YOU and your children deserve these photos. You will appreciate them today, tomorrow, and many years to come.

Brice & Mom wore matching color schemes and were so cute! He was a bit shy at first when we got to the beach, but warmed right up once Ashley and I started asking him about his karate class and trying to replicate the moves that he learns there. It was a sight to see! By the time our session was over, he was ALL SMILES - the biggest grin from ear to ear! (PS. During our sessions, I LOVE hearing about all the extra curricular activities your kids do - do not hesitate to tell me what they are into!)

He had a blast skipping rocks down by the water!

Look at the way they look at each other!

See that smile?! At the end of our session, Brice was telling Mom & I that his tooth was loose. His very FIRST loose baby tooth. Wiggling away! We talked about how as soon as it fell out, the tooth fairy would be coming & all those fun details. Just a few weeks later, that tooth has now fallen out. (Ashley confirmed!) Reason I'm sharing this: They didn't know it then, but this was Brice's last photo shoot with all of his baby teeth - and look at that SMILE. So cute.

Guys, there never has to be a reason to book a session for your families. This session was booked just because, and now they have the special memory of his full baby teeth smile just before it began to change. Kids grow so fast.

Capture those little moments. Years from now, they will be the big moments. <3

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