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J & B Family Session - Arnold Arboretum

In the beginning of the launch of Kayla Nicole Photography, a former co-worker of mine reached out to me about doing her family photos. I could not have been more excited.

Betty even had a location picked out already and it was absolutely GORGEOUS!  I immediately began google searching when she emailed me the name of her location choice – the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University in Boston, MA. If you have never been here, I highly recommend a day trip! It is 281 acres, unexpectedly set in the city.

Betty & Jonathan had recently had celebrated their wedding over the summer & had originally hoped to do their wedding photos here, but were not able to make it work. Instead, we got to take their first family photoshoot post wedding here & they were SO cute!

Their son was chatting away with us the whole time & was helping “pick out spots” to take photos! By the time we left, he didn’t want to stop shooting! Mom & Dad were getting in the car & he was asking “Kayla take a picture of me here!” & climbed up on a rock wall near the car. He had me in hysterics the entire time.  He even requested to try using my camera to take pictures of mom! (which of course I allowed with support)

You’d never have known it was 85 degrees in mid September & they were complete troopers. It’s shoots like this that I love  – All giggles the whole time, catching up with friends, and capturing memories for a family that already has a special place in your heart 📷

If you are interested in booking a family session, particularly one at a beautiful location (one with so much to explore!) like the Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, do not hesitate to reach out! Let's chat!

Email: kaylanicolephotophraphs@gmail.com

Phone: 617-688-4585

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